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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Live like a virus!!!

Live like a virus... Woah, Isn't that a paradox?

Yes, it is... Okay, let me explain...

Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites, i.e., they have to be inside a being to be able to reproduce and grow in numbers. So, they pretty much depend upon a "host" for their survival, in turn beating the crap out of the host (parasites). This means that viruses CANNOT LIVE outside a living host.

Viruses have been classified as the border of the living and non-living systems. They are mere dust particles when outside a living thing and are the messengers of death when inside.

So, after knowing all this, why would I say "Live like a virus"???

Obviously, if a thing could kill, the word "killer" becomes its second name, no matter what the context is (No surprise, we fear death so much). Every other quality comes second. So, what am I getting to here?

- Viruses are small, smaller than the smallest of bacteria. Yet, they cause the world's most prevalent diseases and disorders. Hepatitis, HIV, Pox, a common cold...
What do we learn? Should it make a difference how small we are? Nope... Does it make a difference on how much impact we could make on people we know? How much we could affect the thinking of a community? a BIG YES. Relating ourselves to viruses, its not really tough to stay small and yet do things that impact the whole world. A thing to ponder about...

- Viruses PERSIST. This is the best part about them. They are persistent. Their peristence is shown in the way they infect a body and inflict damage, even if it is the smallest of ones.

- Viruses change. AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The genetic material of this virus is like a Chameleon sitting on spinning colour wheel. Whenever the wheel stops, the chameleon would be ready to change its colour to blend itself in. Similarly, HIV's genetic material changes with hosts and life cycles. It can infect a human being and progress to AIDS especially because of such random changes in the genetic material.
What do we learn? Change is the only thing that should be constant in life.

A few golden rules of LIVING taught to us by the NOT SO LIVING... :)

Well... living like a virus isn't that bad eh? ;)