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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Trance time...

I love Krishna!!!! PERIOD!!!!

Once a friend asked me, why I was a Krishna Bhakt. I regret every time I think about that question, because I couldn't give him a proper answer. I could not explain it to him. BECAUSE ITS A TRANCE!!! There is no explanation to it... Its a mental state which has the strength to influence the physical being.

It all started around September 2003, when I was on a college trip to Bangalore. Maybe the best thing that happened on that trip was the visit to the ISKCON temple there. I cannot describe the temple. As people say, even a million eyes are not enough to take in the beauty of the temple. That was my first meeting with Krishna, hehe, and I would want to call it love at first sight. Our plan was to stay in the temple for half an hour and then leave. Two hours. Probably even more. I don't know about my friends, but, I personally, didn't realize how time flew past as I just got swept into the magic. To top it all, it was Janmashtami time then.

The temple is huge hall with a empty space right in front of him, for at least 300-400 people to sit and watch him. The ceiling was painted with stories of Krishna and WOW what paintings. The best part was all of the hall was lit with diyas (though artificial lights, they were sparkling and gave out a very natural effect). Apart from 2 halogen lamps around him, there was no other light and this was just about evening time. The fact that I remember such minute details about the temple is enough to tell you readers to GO VISIT THE TEMPLE!!!! ITS GORGEOUS!!!!!

As I said, Krishna is a state of mind. He can influence you to do anything. Nothing is impossible with him around. Well... I am in such a trance now writing away all this. Whoever reads this post, might not even get close to reading these last few lines. They might find it boring. But, whoever has managed it till this point, its probably because they have been lucky enough to experience such sheer joy in their lives or they are compelled to do so. :)

Thinking of Krishna (or God in any form) is sheer joy, ecstasy, its pain, its intoxicating, its YEARNING, its LOVE, its a feeling out of this world. I wish I had words or a way to put all that joy on paper and pass it on to everybody to experience it. Its MAAAADDDDDDENNNNINGLY SANE!!!!! :)